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Direct Thermal Printer Security Badges

Expiring and non-expiring badges for popular direct thermal printers. They are compatible with most direct thermal printers that can print to a 2” label.

TAB Expiring Direct Thermal

 TAB-Expiring Direct Thermal Badges

As low as $150 per 1,000 badges
The easiest self-expiring pass to activate because it’s one piece. Print your badge then activate the expiring technology by folding the tab behind the pass.

FULL Expiring Direct Thermal

 FULL-Expiring Direct Thermal Badges

As low as $200 per 1,000 badges
For maximum visibility! The badge’s expiration is highly visible from a distance because the entire pass changes color overnight to prevent reuse.

DOT Expiring Direct Thermal

DOT-Expiring Direct Thermal Badges

$110 per 1,000 badges 
Our most economical expiring badge! Print the pass and apply a white front piece dot over the preprinted red dot to activate the pass.

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