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Taser x26c Cam




Compatible with the TASER X26 and X26c, the TASER CAM is an audio/video recording device integrated into a rechargeable X26 series power supply that replaces the standard DPM. The TASER CAM is activated anytime the safety switch is in the up (armed) position. This allows you to capture vital information leading up to and after potential use of any X26 series device.

The TASER CAM interface uses a Universal Serial Bus (USB) plug and play adapter to connect any Windows® 2000, 2003, or XP-based computer. It is an optional upgrade compatible with all X26 devices and provides another layer of audio/video evidence to support officers reports. A wall charging unit is included. Records approximately 1.5 hours of audio and MPEG video (black and white at 10 frames per second in QVGA format(320x 240) Records subjects in complete darkness using an infrared illuminator.


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